DOB: 05/01/06
Coat: White/Black
Sire: Dih Everybody Loves Hugo Shu of Rocha
Dam: Hanna of Pethouse

- Beginner Champion
- Brazilian Champion

Our dear Bangie, as she is affectionately nicknamed. Lives up to her name, which really rocks! She is our first dam and the beginning of our history of success. Owner of a unique personality, very intelligent, knows many tricks, besides being a great athlete in agility and swimming.

Dih Everybody Loves Hugo Shu of Rocha

Igor of Pethouse Amum of the Ebony Spots
Akika Divisa Brasil
AAH Hanna Shu of Rocha Astor de Meia Pinta
Hanna of Pethouse

Hanna of Pethouse

Kingly Star of Canada Remarkable Remark of Croatia
Aretha de Compostela
Akika Divisa Brasil Jaguariri de Uirande
Brenda do Império dos Nobres